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    How it Works: Buying Unranked LoL Smurf Accounts

    How it Works: Buying Unranked LoL Smurf Accounts

    1. Introduction

    In the competitive world of League of Legends, players strive to improve their skills, climb the ranked ladder, and achieve success. However, for many players, the pressure of ranked games on their main accounts can be overwhelming. That's where unranked smurf accounts come into play.

    2. What is a Smurf Account?

    A smurf account is an alternate account used by experienced players who already have a main account. The purpose of a smurf account is to play in lower skill levels than their main account, often for various reasons. This allows them to practice, experiment, or simply enjoy the game without the pressure associated with ranked matches.

    2.1 Why Should You Own a League of Legends Smurf Account?

    Many players wonder why owning a League of Legends smurf account is beneficial. There are several reasons:

    • Practice and Experimentation: Smurf accounts offer a safe space to practice new champions, roles, or builds without fear of negatively impacting your main account's MMR or win rate.
    • Playing with Friends: If you have friends in lower elo, a smurf account allows you to duo with them without affecting your main account's ranked games.
    • Reduced Fear of Failure: On your smurf account, you can play without fear of underperforming or losing MMR, as it is not tied to your main account's ranking.
    • Testing New Leagues: A smurf account enables you to explore different leagues and see how players behave in lower MMR brackets.
    • Regain Confidence: After a tough loss on your main account, switching to a smurf can provide a fresh start and boost your confidence.
    • Self-Assessment: Playing on an unranked smurf account with fresh MMR can be an excellent way to gauge your true skill level.

    2.2 Benefits of Having a Smurf Account

    Owning a smurf account can be advantageous in various ways:

    • Versatility: Smurf accounts allow you to be more versatile in your gameplay, experimenting with different tactics and strategies.
    • Learning and Growth: Playing on a smurf account can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, leading to growth as a player.
    • Low-Stress Environment: With no pressure to perform at the highest level, smurf accounts provide a low-stress gaming experience.

    3. How to Buy a LoL Smurf Account

    Purchasing a League of Legends smurf account is a straightforward process. Just follow these simple steps:

    1. Choose the Account: Browse through our selection of smurf accounts and choose the one that suits your preferences.
    2. Click "Buy Now": Once you've made your decision, click "Buy Now" on your chosen account.
    3. Payment: Proceed to the payment page and complete the transaction using one of our secure payment methods.
    4. Receive Login Credentials: After successful payment, you will receive the login credentials to your email.

    4. 6 Reasons Why You Should Buy a LoL Smurf Account

    Still not convinced? Here are six compelling reasons why a League of Legends smurf account could be the perfect addition to your gaming experience:

    1. Play without Fear: With a smurf account, you can play without the fear of negatively impacting your main account's performance.
    2. Play with Friends: Smurf accounts allow you to enjoy the game with lower-elo friends or duo partners without worrying about matchmaking disparities.
    3. Practice and Experiment: Hone your skills, test new champions, and experiment with different playstyles on an unranked account.
    4. Explore Different Leagues: Experience the gameplay in lower MMR brackets and challenge yourself in different environments.
    5. Regain Confidence: Bounce back from losses on your main account and rebuild your confidence in a fresh setting.
    6. Assess Your True Skill: Use a smurf account to assess your true skill level and identify areas for improvement.

    5. Why Choose Us for Your LoL Smurf Account

    When purchasing a League of Legends smurf account, trust and reliability are crucial. Here's why you should choose us:

    • Reputable Source: We are a trusted name in the smurfing community, and our brand has a long-standing history.
    • Competitive Prices: Our smurf accounts are priced competitively, offering the best value for your money.
    • Fast Delivery: Once you complete your purchase, you'll receive your account credentials promptly via email.



    1. Are smurf accounts allowed by Riot Games?
    Yes, Riot Games permits players to have smurf accounts as long as they adhere to the terms of service and code of conduct.
    2. Can I change the email and password on my smurf account?
    Absolutely! Once you purchase a smurf account from us, you become the sole owner, allowing you to change the email and password at any time.
    3. Are smurf accounts considered cheating?
    No, smurf accounts are not considered cheating. They are legitimate alternate accounts used for various purposes, including learning and practice.
    4. Can I play ranked games on my smurf account?
    Yes, you can play ranked games on your smurf account once you reach level 30. However, keep in mind that your initial ranked placement may be different from your main account's MMR.
    5. What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept various secure payment methods, making it convenient for you to purchase your smurf account with ease.


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    The account will be delivered instantly to billing e-mail spam folder which you provided in the checkout form. Please check YOUR SPAM FOLDER before you start thinking that you didn’t receive the account.

    Our automatic delivery system will send you an account via e-mail in seconds if the payment is completed.

    Please check your spam folder first.
    If the e-mail is still not there, contact us on discord (

    You can change the e-mail and password easy at the League of Legends page.

    Just log into your new account and click “Change e-mail adress”, then you’ll have to verify it from the e-mail you’ve chosen. It is necessary to verify your email and change password, otherwise warranty will not work.

    Yes, simply open League of Legends store in LoL Client and choose Account > Change Summoner Name. You will have a chance to change your nickname for 13900 Blue Essence.

    Yes, we have a warranty on all our accounts. However the time the warranty works for depends on the account you buy (from 7 days to lifetime). If you have any issues with your account, contact us on discord ( so we can help you ASAP !

    We accept the following payment method: Paypal.
    We can also offer Cryptos on orders (requires a manual support from our manager on discord)

    NO! We are fully transparent about what our warranty covers in our ToS. It covers any defects or fault of our own. If you buy a LoL account from us and get it banned due to your own bad behavior or rule-breaking then we cannot help you.

    We sometimes offer discounts to our loyal customers who follow us on social media or subscribe to our mailing list. To be eligible for these great discounts when you buy a LoL account please follow us on Twitter, Facebook.

    Absolutely! Please contact us on Discord.


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