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    Iron 4 accounts

    Iron in League of Legends

    In League of Legends, Iron 4 is a rank in the game's competitive matchmaking system. It is the lowest tier of the ranking system, below Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, Grandmaster, and Challenger.

    What Iron represents in the game's ranking system

    Players who are ranked in Iron IV are typically those who are just starting out with the game or those who are struggling to climb the ranks. The skill level of Iron 2 players can vary widely, but they are generally considered to be less experienced and less skilled than players in higher ranks.

    The skill level and experience of Iron players


    Players can climb out of Iron 1 by winning games and earning League Points (LP), which allow them to advance to the next rank. However, players can also lose LP by losing games, and if they lose enough games, they can be demoted back to a lower rank, including Iron 3.

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