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    Cheap LoL Gifting Service

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    Up to 62% cheaper than in the official store. Buy more gifts and save more money with our Discount System!


    Average delivery time is 28 hours. Why you have to wait at least 24 hours?


    We only need your ID or in-game name. We never buy Riot Points, they are obtained in a gaming process.

    The Ultimate LoL Gifting Experience - League of Legends

    The Magic of Sharing: Our LoL Gifting Service

    Experience the joy of gifting in League of Legends with our exclusive LoL Gifting Service. While the process is seamless, there are a few vital aspects you should understand before taking the plunge. Let's explore it together. 🎁🎮

    Before You Embark

    Before you embark on this exciting journey, here are some prerequisites:

    • Patient Waiting: To ensure a smooth experience, wait at least 24 hours from the acceptance of our friend request.
    • Good Standing: Maintain a good reputation; avoid bans or suspensions, including LeaverBuster, Tribunal, etc.
    • Space for Friends: Make sure there's room for new friend requests in your list.
    • Unlocked Champions: Have unlocked champions available for the gifted skins you desire.
    • Limit of 10: You can receive up to 10 gifts every 24 hours; remember this daily cap.

    Can't Find Your Preferred RP Price?

    If your desired RP price isn't available despite selecting the right region, it may be momentarily out of stock. Rest assured, it will be back soon!

    What About Riot Points?

    Our focus is on champion skins and heroes; thus, we don't gift Riot Points, even for item gifting. We make your in-game experience stand out!

    More Than Bundles and Chroma Skins

    While we adore gifting, please note that we do not offer bundles. Additionally, Chroma Skins and Passes remain non-giftable. Our specialty lies in individual skins and champions, designed to elevate your gaming experience.

    Unlocking the Gift of Gifting

    Our LoL Gifting Service is a breeze:

    1. Place Your Order: Select the skin or champion you wish to gift.
    2. Friend Requests Incoming: We'll send you friend requests, the first step toward sharing in-game joy.
    3. Accept with Open Arms: Accept the requests and set the gifting process in motion.
    4. Patience Rewarded: Wait for at least 24 hours to see the magic unfold.
    5. Gifts at Your Doorstep: You'll receive your chosen gifts in-game; the excitement awaits!
    6. Farewell as Friends: We'll remove you from our friends list once your magical journey is complete.